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Your security is the most important factor of your everyday life, are you adequately prepared?

The rising crime rate is ensuring that we spend more on security than ever before. The industry has grown significantly over the past few years and an estimated R55 Billion of the South African economy is spent on private security measures. The figures stand out when South Africa has a police force that should be servicing this sector, however your business park, staff and residential needs are not adequately met if you aren’t engaged with suppliers and improving your security.

For many South African’s, these figures are astounding and frightening and the attitude towards petty crime has been replaced by fears that one could be in jeopardy and the safety of those people we value most dominates our every day decisions. As businesses, we have to think about the safety of our staff members and they spend a good deal of their day entrusting their security to us – how can you not invest in adequate facilities to ensure that they feel safe and that you have control over who has access to your business and people? In many businesses, security measures were in place to guide stock dispatching and have control over our products but now any opportunity for criminals to access our buildings is directly proportional to the safety of our staff and will no doubt have an impact on our business, should they not feel safe. The economic fallout is massive, if there is an incident within the company, there is an impact on staff turnover, the amount of time given to staff to deal with trauma and the preparation that needs to take place for such events. Companies feel more vulnerable and policies are being revisited on a regular basis to ensure that both staff and management are adequately prepared for situations that they will hopefully never deal with.

As a business, you have to ensure that you have made every effort to protect and prepare your staff – this is no longer limited to certain industries that used to be seen as highly susceptible to crime. Your staff safety is your priority as they will then be able to be most productive if they know that you take their security on site as seriously as your value their service to you. Sadly, there has been an exponential growth in the industry over the years but with this growth has come access to newer, more efficient and effective security systems. Our demand for better equipment has helped to grow the industry but also revolutionise it. You can remotely keep an eye on your staff and ensure that they are adhering to your safety measures, which could result in less opportunity for criminals because they know they don’t have access to your staff or business. The industry is not heavily regulated, but the tools are highly sophisticated and if companies are serious about their security measures, they need to continuously upgrade their systems to ensure improvement.

Here’s what you can do as a business to be certain that your security measures are adequate for your staff:
• Run regular security briefings
• Get a registered company in to assess your system and ascertain if there are any issues that can be improved upon
• Revisit your relationship with access control companies and suppliers regularly to ensure that they know what is expected of them
• Brief staff on security procedures
• Hold your security company accountable if there any vulnerabilities to your system and staff safety

If you are ready to do an overhaul of your security system, ensure that you get value for your money by speaking to a service provider who has the experience and expertise to properly install your new system, train staff on your safety system and ensure that you have long term support from the technical team as well as direct input about your system.

Secrotech is a leading expert in the security industry and provides a system analysis as well as integrating current systems with your new installation. Secrotech provides the best technology to ensure that your business is adequately prepared, users have sufficient knowledge and support and that service to all systems is immediate. Our consultants can provide information on the best products for both residential and commercial security systems as well as systems to suit your budget and help you plan for the next 10 years.

Personal security is an ongoing innovation and should be your priority.

Your personal security impacts on all your staff, they need to know that you value them and want them to be safe too #commericalsecurity #secrotech